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The government set up six national pilots that ran from April 2012-2014 which tested application of the metric and ‘biodiversity offsetting’ as a voluntary mechanism for securing off-site compensation. Environment Bank were involved as a partner and broker in two of these pilots, in Essex and in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull (WCS). The WCS project in particular, has continued, with ongoing support from Environment Bank.

Similarly, outside these government pilots, Environment Bank has been working, and will continue to work, with authorities, such as in Lancashire, Norfolk and Oxfordshire where there is interest in application of the mechanism.

To find out more about the practical work we’re doing nationally, read some of our case studies.

We’d love to hear from other areas of the country where partners can come together to introduce a system of biodiversity accounting.

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As Essex is likely to see continued high levels of economic growth, there is a need for sustainable development and therefore continued application of the biodiversity metric with compensation arranged where needed. Environment Bank continue to support Essex County Council and other partners to apply the mechanism, even after the life of the government pilot.

Ribble Valley

We’re working with Ribble Valley Borough Council to implement a habitat banking system, with conservation credit sales funding restoration of a local man-made reservoir. The first sale of credits to fund this bank was secured in Jan 2015 and further sales are in the pipeline. Such sales will allow developers to clearly compensate for their residual impacts by contributing to a nature reserve for the benefit of local wildlife and the community.


Even though the government pilots have come to an end, we’re continuing to work within Warwickshire County Council with the support of all Local Planning Authorities within the sub-region. With biodiversity offsetting included as an annexe within the new Green Infrastructure Strategy (soon to be adopted), calculations done for developments, and land (including large habitat habitats) coming forward to meet the potential supply, this project is progressing well.