CASE STUDY - major residential development

Country Park restoration - Rochford, Essex

  • 600 dwellings + school
  • 21.065 ha
  • 13.5 credit requirement
  • Offset scheme prepared and approved - to commence summer 2016.

Environment Bank worked with the developers to assess the net biodiversity impact of the development; the net loss per hectare was kept to a minimum due to the comparatively low value of habitats that will be impacted and the proposed on-site compensation measures. This was agreed by the LPA who approved the development and included biodiversity offsetting as an obligation within the section 106 agreement as a compensation mechanism. After a land search 2 provisional sites were identified, of differing habitat type and location, and outline costs agreed by the landowners, developers and LPA. The LPA subsequently selected their preferred site and a long-term enhancement and management plan for the compensation site was finalised, providing wetland restoration with new woodland planting. Delivery agreements have been signed, conservation credits funded and works to start late 2016. The scheme provides biodiversity enhancement of 8% over the original requirement.