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We are looking for landowners who would like to receive financial payment in return for long-term conservation management on their land.

The site could be of any size and any type, as long as there is some opportunity for environmental improvement – for example, farmland converted back to natural habitat such as grassland or woodland.

Funding will come from developers who are compensation for their environmental impacts by investing in biodiversity enhancement on other local sites. We calculate the number of ‘conservation credits’ a developer must purchase to ‘offset’ their impact and match it to a landowner who has like-for-like credits for sale on their land.

To estimate how many conservation credits your land could be worth, try out our landowner’s calculator

If you have come to us via our AB Sustain partnership, please make note of this when completing the form below, at ‘where did you hear about us?’.

The Registry

A free online registry for biodiversity compensation sites where landowners are registered for investment and developers can search for local sites.

About you

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About the property

Specify ha/ac Briefly describe the potential for creating or restoring natural areas for wildlife. Please attach any maps of the site and its ecological assessment. Eg: agri-environment?

Has an ecological survey has been carried out on the property?

Eg: local wildlife site SSSI, SPA

More about the property

What current land use exists on your property?

List my property on The Registry?

Attach images or video of your property, maps of the site or its ecological assessment.

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This information allows us to list your property on The Registry, with no obligation from you to proceed further. If your property is a potential match for an offset enquiry, we may need more information.

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