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Environment Bank was established in 2006 to bring the concept of biodiversity offsetting and biodiversity net gain to the UK and we are the leading business specialising in biodiversity accounting, use of metrics, offset brokerage and establishing habitat banks to generate conservation credits. We work with the full range of public and private sector clients across the country to deliver practical and effective net gain solutions for biodiversity in the planning system thereby achieving positive and large-scale outcomes for nature conservation.

We are an independent business that invests in nature, its recovery and restoration. We work with all sectoral stakeholders to assess development demand and design, establishing delivery contracts, monitoring and reporting of the biodiversity status of our chosen offset sites and habitat banks’

We have created and manage a land registry with a network of landowners, including farmers and nature conservation organisations, to identify the potential for high quality offset schemes and habitat banks that are good for nature, meet the needs of development and provide landowners with a long-term income to manage their land positively for the future.

Environment Bank is a trusted name for the delivery of biodiversity net gain for all development projects

Our Services

Environment Bank works with developers, planning authorities, conservation NGO’s and landowners to provide consultancy, support and delivery services around all elements of net gain.

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We specialise in the use of biodiversity accounting metrics to measure and identify biodiversity impacts and compensation needs from development.

We offer assessment verification, training and advice on using the Defra metric calculators.

When a development has an unavoidable impact to biodiversity we work with a range of partners to locate and establish high quality offset schemes that contribute to local conservation objectives whilst ensuring value for money and a net gain for the development. 

We oversee all our offset schemes from conception to end delivery, supported by robust management agreements with regular monitoring and reporting of works through the scheme term. This removes the long-term costs and liabilities of habitat creation and management for the developer and provides certainty and trust in biodiversity net gain.

We work with local authorities to establish strategically located, local habitat banks to meet the current and future compensation needs of an authority. Creating large conservation areas to deliver the best gains for the environment in the most time and cost-effective manner for developers.

We provide ongoing support in net gain delivery to planning authorities, sharing learning and case law of application mechanisms used nationally. We can also facilitate the production of guidance, consultation and metric application.

We have created user-friendly calculators of the Defra metric, for use nationally and also tailor calculators to reflect local biodiversity requirements. We also offer training, verification and advice.

Go to this page to download Environment Bank’s national calculator, for more information on how it uses the original Defra metric and for coming changes in Defra metric 2.0.

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