Experts In the defra metric

The Defra Metric

Introduced in 2012, the Defra metric is a useful accounting tool for measuring the biodiversity losses and gains that result from development projects.

The metric does not assume compensatory actions will be required and can demonstrate that on-site biodiversity net gain has been achieved.

The Metric 2.0

Defra, in co-ordination with Natural England and a small task group of experts (including us) are in the process of updating the metric which will include a new national calculator. A beta-test version is expected later this year, with a final version expected to be released in 2020.

Locally Specific Metrics

The Defra metric has been designed to be applied country-wide, however, we understand that local context is important. Environment Bank has worked closely with local planning authorities to adapt the metric to specific local conservation priorities or needs.

The Environment Bank Calculator

The Environment Bank Biodiversity Impact Calculator (click here to download) uses the Defra metric to measure the biodiversity value of a site, before and after any proposed development, and helps to clearly identify any biodiversity risks.

It is an evidence based approach that can inform the required mitigation and on-site compensation, amount of residual biodiversity impact and, if necessary, the amount of off-site compensation needed for a biodiversity offsetting scheme to deliver biodiversity net gain. 

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