Environment Bank Featured in CIEEM InPractice Net Gain Special

Below follows a brief summary of the article, if you would like to read the full piece click here.

The latest issue of The Chartered Institue of Ecology and Environmental Management’s (CIEEM’s) InPractice (June 2019) focussed on the subject of biodiversity net gain.

A number of articles were included in the issue from a wide range of consultants and covered various issues around net gain.

Environment Bank’s piece was written by Chairman David Hill and was titled “Biodiversity Net Gain Must Lead to Proper Biodiversity Restoration at Scale”.

In the article, David re-iterated that for biodiversity net gain to be proper and effective much of the gain must be delivered off-site on newly created and managed sites set up specifically to restore the UK’s biodiversity.

The Chairman also pointed out that biodiversity net gain should not be traded for natural capital gains which see new wildlife ponds doubling up as sustainable urban drainage features for example.

Finally David ended the article with a ‘Manifesto for effective biodiversity conservation’ with 7 clear points:

  1. Mandatory Net Gain
  2. Use the Defra Metric
  3. Balance on-site and off-site provision
  4. Governance and auditing of the net gain provision
  5. Inspection of planning authorities to ensure they are governing correctly
  6. High quality off-site provision
  7. An environmental governance body must oversee it all

To read the article and others in full, pick up a copy of the InPractice magazine or click here to just see David’s article.

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