RSA progress report released outlining transition plan for agriculture

The RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission (of which our Chairman David Hill is a commissioner) progress report launches today. The report outlines the transition plan for agriculture in order to help them meet Sustainable Development Goals and ‘join the dots’ between food, farming and public health and to re-align resources in order to achieve better outcomes for citizens.

The document is the culmination of work which started in 2017 involving the review of hundreds of policy proposals and hosted expert discussions but also meetings with people and communities around the UK to get a real feel for the challenges the food industry and farmers are facing on the ground.

The report set out 5 themes in which further work is needed to achieve ambitious visions for the future of the countryside and can be viewed online here

The report is critical of the failure of past environmental management schemes being approached from the top down and not being monitored. At the Environment Bank we work with landowners to ensure biodiversity compensation schemes are bespoke to the individuality of a farm and location making the most of local knowledge, we also help with the long-term monitoring of the progress.

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