The Environment Bank Supports Woodmeadow Trust

The Environment Bank are pleased to announce we are providing support to the Woodmeadow Trust.

The Woodmeadow trust is a pioneering charity that is looking to address the catastrophic declines in biodiversity in the UK by creating ‘woodmeadows’. These habitats provide great opportunities for wildlife with species-rich grassland transitioning into broadleaved woodland. Structural diversity with sympathetic management that is a true net gain for biodiversity.

The video below, featuring our Chairman David Hill provides a little more background.

At Environment Bank we see a potential for woodmeadows to act as habitat banks, creating real positive net gains for biodiversity at scale.

Woodmeadows could also provide many other ecosystem services including carbon sequestration, flood alleviation as well as vital places for people to access nature.

For more information about the brilliant work being done by the Woodmeadow Trust please see their website.

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