Secure, long-term funding for nature conservation management

Why Offsetting?

As a landowner, you can receive long-term and assured income in return for wildlife-friendly land management, where the management and its cost are set by you. 

The ownership of your land remains unaffected. You will have no statutory designations or access requirements beyond the agreed management plan.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Register Your Land

You register with us and tell us the extent and current use of the land that you have available for nature conservation management. When registering with us your personal details are always kept confidential and you are under no obligation to proceed with any eventual offset offer.

Step 2: We Source the Funding

We liaise with developers and local authorities. When a project is a suitable match for your land, we get in touch with you to talk about the land management options.

Step 3: Habitat Management Design

We work with you to produce a management plan that suits you and delivers benefits to wildlife. Our advisors provide guidance on appropriate management actions and what options have the best funding opportunities for you.

Step 4: Receive Long-Term Income

Once you are happy with the proposed management and funding, the agreements are signed. You receive a capital payment to commence the work and an annual payment for carrying out the work in the management plan.

To register your interest please fill out the form below or give us a call

E.g Land Manager or 'as above'
Please specify ha/ac
Briefly describe the potential for creating or restoring natural areas for wildlife. Please attach any maps of the site and its ecological assessment.
E.g agri-environemt
Please note, even if you choose 'No', Environment Bank will still hold records for internal purposes
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