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With landowners facing unprecedented levels of political, economic, and legislative change, our habitat banks provide a simple way to secure a guaranteed income. Removing uncertainty and safeguarding nature.


How it works

By leasing your land for a 30-year term to Environment Bank together, we will create a habitat management plan that works for you and delivers the best results for nature. The landowner will then be contracted to deliver the management plan for the entire term with all the support needed from our leading team of ecologists.


Guaranteed payments

You’ll receive an initial onboarding fee, your first year’s rent up front, then annual payments that increase with inflation for the 30 year term. Your project is fully funded up front and we cover all costs, including legal fees and financial advice where appropriate.


Retained ownership

We take a lease interest in your land so you retain ownership. We can tailor our plans to suit your existing land management strategy and sources of funding, as well as ensure the most tax-efficient solution. We'll help to ensure you benefit from current and emerging agricultural schemes while maintaining income from other business activities that are compatible with the habitat management plan.


Create a habitat bank

We’ve made it easy to get involved and up and running within a short period of time. Register your land via the form below to initiate a desk-based review, after which we will arrange a site visit to discuss your habitat options. For further information, please feel free to get in touch.

Register your land