RJS Corporate Ltd. - Robert Spriddell

Strategic Partner - Developers and landowners

RJS Corporate Ltd is owned by Robert Spriddell. RJS Corporate is an integrated transaction focused buy-side land agency combined with capital raising expertise. The fundamental premise of RJS is to provide access to acquisition opportunities for developers and access to the requisite finance to acquire and develop those assets.

As land agents RJS work with developers and institutional property investors across multiple sectors, disciplines and strategies – from strategic land buyers, to residential developers, regional and national house-builders, as well as commercial and industrial developers. Their developer and investor network stretches all over the UK and internationally, but as they are based outside of Cambridge, they have developed a bespoke network that covers the Oxbridge Arc, the Eastern Region and beyond.  Their capital network provides our property clients with access to highly sophisticated real estate investment funds.

Increment Ltd. - Simon Ward

Strategic Partner - Developers and landowners

Increment Ltd. is owned and run by Simon Ward. Simon has spent over thirty years in the agricultural industry and has supplied analysis to the agricultural industry at all levels from farm to multinational. While his specialist areas are economics, policy and innovation he has also undertaken projects in environmental research and has a particular interest in greenhouse gas assessment in the agricultural industry.

As well as running Increment Limited for 20 years, Simon has published Inside Track the specialist journal on agricultural politics, policy, economics and statistics until sold in 2016. Simon is a founder member of The Policy Group which was created to look at the impacts of agricultural policy on the agricultural industry.

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