Helping you address Biodiversity net gain requirements In the planning process

Achieving Net Gain

Current compensation measures to address biodiversity impacts from development are often inconsistent and complex. A simpler, streamlined process where a standard metric is used to quantify impacts (losses) and gains provides benefit to all participants.

Biodiversity accounting and offsetting offers planning authorities and developers the chance to account for all of the impacts on local habitats, and a reliable, transparent way to provide true compensation in order to deliver and demonstrate more environmentally sustainable development consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework.

How Can We Help?

Assessment Verification and Training

As net gain is rolled out across the UK, we can offer our expertise in the Defra metric to provide you with guidance and support in the verification of calculations made by developers and their consultants.

We also offer training in metric calculations and can tailor calculators to reflect your local habitats and net gain standards, to help you develop your own locally specific metric that may be more appropriate in your area.

Setting Up Local Habitat Banks

We can work with you to set up strategically located habitat banks in your local area.

Habitat banks are large pre-established, strategic offset sites that we would design with you to meet the potential demand of forthcoming development in your authority. Giving the best gains for biodiversity in the most cost-effective and time efficient manner.

High Quality Offset Sites

You can be assured that our offset sites will be delivered to the highest standard and are deigned to meet all national and local requirements.

They are always long-term, monitored by ecologists and most importantly enforceable. With regular reporting back to you.

We Have Fiscal and Legal Guarantees

Fiscal and legal guarantees assure you that the offset is deliverable and that your planning decisions will secure net biodiversity gain without being open to challenge in the future.

View our detailed guidance for planning authorities.

You can also download our free Biodiversity Impact Calculator by clicking here

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