Biodiversity Net Gain finally to be mandated as a requirement of the planning system

  The Environment Bank was established by David Hill in 2006 to lobby for a better way of delivering mitigation and compensation for development impacts on biodiversity. We have been promoting mitigation banking/habitat banking, biodiversity offsetting and gains to biodiversity through development for the past 12 years. We are proud that our work has now paid off and we can enjoy much greater and more effective…

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Government’s consultation in making biodiversity net gain mandatory is out at last!

    The government yesterday announced a consultation on whether new developments should provide a net-gain for biodiversity ( ) Since introducing the concept of biodiversity offsetting to the UK back in 2009, which is now embraced within ‘biodiversity net gain’, I have been amazed at how long it actually takes for society and leaders to get behind ‘doing the right thing’. Michael Gove should be congratulated…

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Biodiversity net gain – from idea to inception

  I thought it would be useful to track the development of the net gain concept as it is now gaining significant traction. It does show that good ideas can take a long time to germinate because of the political, economic and social landscape pertaining at the time. 2009 Environment Bank is formed to lobby for much more effective mitigation and compensation for biodiversity associated with…

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Government backs biodiversity net gains for new Garden Towns and Villages

Having brought the concept of biodiversity offsetting to the UK back in 2009, when the Environment Bank was established to promote the concept for biodiversity offsetting and lobby for better outcomes for biodiversity from planning and development, I am heartened to see that we are now at a turning point. In addition to strengthened biodiversity policy within the National Planning Policy Framework and growing movement towards…

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Why net gain has to mean net gain

The Government is about to consult on making net gain mandatory. It is essential that we ensure net gain is used to provide the necessary investment into the natural environment to restore biodiversity and not to ‘prettify’ development. I introduced the concept of biodiversity offsetting into the UK in 2009 because I was concerned at the way biodiversity was treated within the planning and development sector.…

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