Learning How to Establish a Functioning Biodiversity Offset Market From Tradable Pollution Permit Markets

With biodiversity net gain being mandated there will need to be an effective market established for biodiversity offset sites (habitat banks) that can satisfy the demand for conservation credits from ongoing and future development. It is welcome to, therefore, see a paper published in the Journal of Applied Ecology (Needham et al in press) that has reviewed how the market for tradable pollution permits operates and…

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Government’s consultation in making biodiversity net gain mandatory is out at last!

    The government yesterday announced a consultation on whether new developments should provide a net-gain for biodiversity (https://consult.defra.gov.uk/land-use/net-gain/consultation/ ) Since introducing the concept of biodiversity offsetting to the UK back in 2009, which is now embraced within ‘biodiversity net gain’, I have been amazed at how long it actually takes for society and leaders to get behind ‘doing the right thing’. Michael Gove should be congratulated…

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Why net gain has to mean net gain

The Government is about to consult on making net gain mandatory. It is essential that we ensure net gain is used to provide the necessary investment into the natural environment to restore biodiversity and not to ‘prettify’ development. I introduced the concept of biodiversity offsetting into the UK in 2009 because I was concerned at the way biodiversity was treated within the planning and development sector.…

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